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GetBigReward$ is Simplified for 2023!

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Published on February 17, 2023

Truth nugget: Change is always a little awkward (and is usually closely followed by some burning questions). With 2023 in full swing, you might be curious about some of those changes we’ve made to the Community Choice GetBigReward$ program. We’re here for it. In fact, we celebrate inquisitive minds. Let’s dive in and explore what’s new.

A Little History

The original GetBigReward$ program ran from 2013-2022. We made some minor tweaks along the way, but the structure was the same for a decade. Truth be told, we heard (and listened to) honest member feedback over the years. Those surveys and casual conversations told a consistent tale: it was difficult for many members to reach the Emerald level to maximize their rewards because of program complexity.

Why Did the Program Change?

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the program, we instituted the frequent member request to simplify GetBigReward$. And easy it is!

Previous GetBigReward$

New GetBigReward$

8+ products/services required for $9/monthly reward  3 requirements for $12/monthly reward 
4 reward tiers No tiers 
Monthly rewards held until year-end Monthly rewards available to use immediately 
10% loan interest rebate to Emerald tier only 10% loan interest rebate to all GetBigReward$ qualified members 
Different fees for different tier levels Same simplified fee structure for all consumer members  


Easier to Understand and Qualify

We are confident that the new GetBigReward$ is not only easier to follow, but it’s also easier for you to qualify for the rewards. We made it as simple as:

1+2=$12 per month

1. Choose one of the following:*

  • Choice Checking

  • Loan Balance (Any Amount)

  • Total Month-End Available Balance of $3,500+


2. Maintain both of the following monthly:**

  • Make 20 Mastercard® Transactions (Debit and/or Credit)

  • $300+ Direct Deposit(s)

Bigger Rewards

We’re known for going the extra mile, so we took it one step further and increased the monthly rewards for our most engaged members. Instead of $3 and $9 payouts for different tier levels, we eliminated all tiers and now give GetBigReward$ members a flat rate of $12 every month! We also recognize this is the age of immediacy, so we’ve eliminated the need to wait; the $12 deposits are yours to keep and use even sooner.

These updated requirements have had a positive impact on many members. We’ve heard directly from members who had never qualified for GetBigReward$ under the old program, and now receive their $12 award each month with no change in how they use their accounts!

We also know that some members who previously qualified are currently just shy of meeting the new requirements. We can help you identify a strategy to get there. In fact, we’ve seen that some members are only missing the Choose One requirement. Instead of continuing to get $0 every month, we frequently advise these members sign up for Choice Checking, which ultimately earns them over $6 every month ($12 rewards - $5.95 Choice Checking fee) and provides them with invaluable benefits like Identity Protection, Cell Phone Protection, Travel & Leisure Discounts, and more! That bears repeating: Instead of earning no rewards, choose to get several useful benefits and $6+ every month. That’s a win-win!

20 Transactions??

We’ve received more questions on this part of the new GetBigReward$ program than any other – and for good reason. For some, 20 transactions seem like a lot. However, our member habits tell a different story. Members in the Emerald level of our previous GetBigReward$ program averaged about 35 card transactions each month. These card transactions generate income to Community Choice at no cost to you, and allow us to pay it forward to members through GetBigReward$ and other benefit programs.

If you’re still thinking 20 transactions is out of reach, keep in mind how you pay for your everyday purchases and monthly bills. Consider the following likely expenses – big or small - you have:

  • Groceries

  • Mobile phone bill

  • Morning cup of coffee

  • Monthly rent

  • School cafeteria costs

  • Takeout meals

  • Streaming services

  • Gas for your car

  • Electrical and natural gas bills

Some mobile phone providers and other service providers that bill you monthly even offer their own discounts for automating payment using a debit or credit card. Using the above examples and more, you can likely reach 20 transactions just by purchasing goods and services that are part of your monthly routine.

You’ll also want to think beyond the plastic card itself. Are you making purchases online? DoorDash, Amazon, Target – those frequent purchases add up to big rewards!

Direct Deposit

If Direct Deposit is the hurdle in front of you, be aware that by directing even a portion of your paycheck via direct deposit to your Community Choice account, you can qualify. All that is needed is a total of $300 in one or multiple direct deposits each month.

Choose One

Most Community Choice members have one or more of the services that are required for GetBigReward$ qualification. Whether you are saving for a rainy day with a share balance, have a mortgage or other loan with us or have a Choice Checking account, you’ve qualified!

More Than Just Rewards

In revamping GetBigReward$, we wanted to provide some exclusivity to our qualifying members. We’ve introduced the GetBigReward$ Road Rally, a virtual e-Banking adventure available only to GetBigReward$ members. Check it out:

Helping Is What We Do

Simplifying our GetBigReward$ program is just one way that we recognize that members should be awarded for smart, everyday decisions to effectively manage their finances. We understand these changes may have made it difficult for some members to qualify in January or February, but we sincerely hope you are well on your way to earning your $12 monthly bonus in March and beyond.

Community Choice team members thrive on assisting members live the life they desire, and we want to help you GetBigReward$. We’re available to have one-on-one, personal conversations about your account and what small changes could make a big difference. Visit a member center, contact us online or call 877.243.2528 with questions!

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