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Save, earn, repeat

We make it that easy to build savings because we want our members to live fully and worry-free.

Choice Savings gets you there

Set your goals and meet them with increased earned interest as your balance grows.

No minimum balance

The flexibility to save without the obligation of a specific minimum amount in your account.

No monthly fee

We’re here to help you save and earn, not charge you unnecessary maintenance fees.

It’s easy to set and meet savings goals

Separate your balances or save for special purchases with Choice Goals.

24/7 access

Manage your Choice Savings account anytime, anywhere with online and mobile access.

Earn more interest as your balance grows

Monthly dividends are paid based on the total balance of your Choice Savings account.

Financial goal guidance

A Personal Advisor is available to help you establish a savings plan you can depend on.

Banking made easy so you can take it easy

  • e-Banking
  • Direct deposit
  • ExpressPay
  • GetBigReward$
  • Free mobile app
  • 30K+ ATMs
  • 24/7 support
  • 20+ member centers
  • Road Rally Rewards
  • Optional overdraft protection
  • Access to Choice Map


Organize your savings with Targets. It’s easy to do and helps you keep your savings aligned with your goals. Open Targets anytime in e-Banking and we’ll help you automate your way to savings success. 

Current rates

Compare rates for Choice Savings, IRAs, CDs, credit cards, and available loans.

Hear from happy members

Retire with confidence with a Community Choice IRA

Enjoy the benefits of an IRA suited to your personal retirement goals. With multiple choices of terms, and insurance of up to $250,000, you reap the rewards of competitive rates without the risk.

Risk-free savings with Certificates of Deposit

Maximize your interest without the risk when you open a Certificate of Deposit at Community Choice Credit Union. You can start earning on a short-term CD with as little as $500. Interest is paid based on your balance. The more you save, the more you earn.

Free digital banking

Bank from anywhere with online and mobile access. Manage accounts and loans from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Mobile app

Control your accounts, monitor spending, transfer money, and do it all securely from your phone.


Easily deposit a check into your accounts from your phone with a simple photo.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Make convenient, secure payments when you add your Community Choice credit or debit card.

Card controls

Take charge of how your cards are used, including automatically limiting purchases by transaction type and location.

Emergency funds

Our self-serve Express Cash loans provide money with only 6 clicks in 60 seconds.

Goals made easy

Our Targets tool lets you set savings goals and auto transfers via e-Banking.

Personal Savings FAQs

Your personal savings questions answered. See all frequently asked questions.

Building better community, one member at a time

We know that when our members are living well and enjoying healthier finances, our communities are better off. That’s why we offer smart solutions and great banking benefits.

Get paid early with Express Pay

Enjoy 24/7 account access and support

Upgrade your financial wellness with Choice Map

Stay local with 20+ member centers and 30K+ fee-free ATMs