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About Us

Hello Neighbor

At the heart of every community are the people who nurture it. We’ve been nurturing our community since 1935, following the lead of a few neighbors who gathered in the Redford Township, Michigan home of Arthur and May Jenkins. Each putting $5 into a bowl, there to borrow in anyone’s time of need, neighbors created a safe and convenient place for their money, with access at any time. 

Today, we’re still in our neighbors’ living rooms. In fact, we’re in their cars, their back pockets, in their gym bags, riding along in their work trucks, and joining them on their family vacations. That’s because we are our members’ personal advisor and financial confidant, always there – anytime, anywhere. 

We’re here for good. 

It’s simple. We’re here to help our neighbors live the life they desire. From beginning to end. 

We believe that everyone deserves to live a good life that includes financial security. From achieving your first win like establishing an emergency savings to planning for retirement in your dream home, we’re here for it all. For life. 

Like a best friend who also happens to be a financial expert, that’s Community Choice. 

We’re clear and kind. 

One of the best parts about being a part of a community is that it’s always familiar. We value that comfort too, that’s why we’re transparent about what we deliver and what our neighbors can consistently expect from Community Choice. 

  • We’re here when you need us. Every time. 
  • We all achieve more when we know more, so we deliver timely, practical, and straightforward information that makes managing finances easier, so our neighbors have more time.
  • We’re not fans of annoying fees that get in the way of getting stuff done. We believe in being fair on pricing and delivering extras, like monthly rewards, that make life easier and maybe even a little fun too! 
  • With an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 on nearly 8,000 Google Reviews, our members have a few (great!) things to say about our service. Whether over the phone, chat, in-person or connecting with us in our mobile banking app, our team members are here to help. 

Big on giving. 

We do a lot of big things at Community Choice. Our pursuit to find more ways to help our neighbors motivates us to think big, and then go even bigger. 

That’s what inspired us to dedicate one day each summer to volunteering, which soon evolved into a weekend of service, and then a full month of opportunities for our team members to go out and help where needed. Nearly 20 years later, we welcome our neighbors to serve alongside our more than 400+ team members to Give Big all year. In 2023, we dedicated more than 10,000 hours of service. 

But giving big isn’t just about showing up. It’s also about being charitable with our resources and creating a community where people want to work, collaborate, learn, give, and grow. That’s why we’ve funded nearly $1.5 million in scholarships for students pursuing post-secondary education, and we’ve given classroom supplies and backpacks to over 16,000 kids and teachers. 

Community. It’s our first name. 

Community is about belonging. It’s about sharing the same goals and working together to make them happen. At Community Choice Credit Union, there’s room for everyone. Join us. Come see for yourself and get living the life you desire. 

Your convenience is our priority

What drives us?

Here when you need us

Bank anytime with our 24/7 Member Contact Center, best-in-class online and mobile banking, and 20+ member centers.

Your financial resource for life

We love to talk to our members, education you about personal finances and helping you live the life you desire.

With you in mind

You’ll find us at the intersection of values and value. We’re member focused with fairly priced products that come with extras not available anywhere else.

We make it easy to get the job done

When you have a financial need, we can help. We have all the basics, plus mortgages, investment products, and more to help you meet your bigger financial goals.