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Choice Map: Step #3

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Published on August 28, 2023


Simplifying our life sounds like such a wonderful goal. Often, it’s easier said than done, whether that means cleaning out our house or apartment of clutter or reducing stress at work. Fortunately, simplifying your financial life can be easier than you think with the help of Community Choice and Choice Map.

That’s because the third step of Choice Map is to Simplify. With access to a certified personal advisor, Community Choice members can continue on their path to financial freedom by starting with three “simple” steps.

First, explore the benefits of digital convenience and automation. Chances are if you are employed you might have used direct deposit. But all of your credit union business can be handled online with e-Banking, e-Deposit and e-Pay, three services that are available to Community Choice members free of charge. So, you can cash paper checks or set up automatic monthly bill payments from anywhere with your cell phone and a secured internet connection

You can also automate long-term goals using Community Choice’s Targets. By setting Targets, you can choose the dollar amount you want to save and create a timeline to complete that goal. Save for a vacation or a new car – whatever you want – directly from e-Banking.

Or, set up automatic investment or 529 (college fund) deposits from your banking account. Just be sure you always have enough money in your checking account to cover those funds. From there, it’s easy to “set it and forget it.” Doing so can help you maintain a healthy credit score as well since those bills will always be covered.

Second, consolidate your banking relationships. For example, that old bank account from where you used to live, or the savings bonds left in a safe deposit box at a family member’s bank can be moved so that you can easily access all your funds, pay your bills, and deposit your paychecks in one location. This further simplifies the annual tax reporting process. By reducing the number of financial institutions used, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your financial picture and what is required to remain on track for your short- and long-term goals.

Finally, access the type of financial services you need when you need them. Community Choice offers members a 24/7 contact center, fee-free ATMs and online appointment setting to schedule a chat with your certified personal advisor. Once an appointment is set, you’ll get automated reminders of the upcoming meeting so even as your life gets busy, we’ll be sure you have the information you need to keep that appointment.

We’re working on YOUR timeline. After all, it’s your money, so you make the rules.

Member convenience and security are among our top priorities, and you should expect nothing less from your preferred financial institution. Through convenience, automation and expanded access, you have the best of all worlds.

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