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Happy 75th, ICU Day!

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Published on October 10, 2023

Credit Union Members Know the Difference

When it comes to your financial life, selecting a trusted partner is extremely important. In celebration of the 75th anniversary of International Credit Union Day, let's take a look at the top 75 reasons to make your partner a credit union.

Learn about our International Credit Union Day event

75 Reasons to Join a Credit Union

  1. Caring Team: At a credit union, you'll find real people helping people everyday.

  2. Lower Interest Rates on Loans: Credit unions often offer lower interest rates on loans, which can save you money over time.

  3. There for Your Biggest Firsts: Credit unions help you finance your first car, get your first mortgage, establish a savings for your first born child, and more.

  4. Local Focus: Around here, we have a strong understanding of the communities we serve.

  5. Great Rates on Savings Accounts: Earn more on your savings with competitive interest rates at a credit union.

  6. Innovation: Credit unions offer the same suite of online services and apps as bigger banks. 

  7. Member Ownership: As a member, you're also an owner, with a say in how the credit union operates.

  8. Goodbye Un-needed Fees: Community Choice recently eliminated numerous ‘nuisance’ fees for members.

  9. Not-For-Profit Structure: Credit unions are member owned and not-for-profit, so earnings go back to members in the form of better rates and services.

  10. Community Involvement: Credit unions actively participate in community events and support local causes.

  11. Credit Unions Care! You may find it less stressful to engage with a credit union to qualify for small personal loans when compared to the experience at traditional banks.

  12. Local Decision Making: Local member centers have the authority to make decisions that benefit their members.

  13. Member-centric! Credit unions offer quality service personalized for the needs of individual members.

  14. Member Rewards: Check out Community Choice’s GetBigReward$ program for complete details on how Community Choice rewards its members!  

  15. Convenient Locations: Credit unions give you convenient access to your accounts at numerous member centers.

  16. ATMs Everywhere! Credit unions offer thousands of ATMs across the country through credit union networks.

  17. e-Deposit: Community Choice helps you deposit checks using your smartphone for added convenience.

  18. Community Investment: Credit unions often reinvest in the local community through scholarships, sponsorships, and small business loans. 

  19. Shared Branching: Credit unions work together to let you use other credit union branches like your own.

  20. Personalized Financial Counseling: Get expert advice tailored to your financial goals on your personalized Choice Map.

  21. Lower Credit Card Rates: Enjoy lower interest rates on credit cards, saving you money.

  22. Competitive Mortgage Rates: Find affordable home financing options at favorable rates.

  23. Scholarship Opportunities: The Community Choice Foundation supports students of every age.

  24. Home Equity Loans: Tap into your home's equity for home improvement or other expenses.

  25. Auto Loans: Get financing for your vehicle purchase with competitive rates.

  26. Financial Education: Community Choice’s financial wellness program, Choice Map, provides certified credit union advisor that can help members identify and meet their financial goals. 

  1. Recreational Vehicle Loans: Finance your dream RV, boat, or motorcycle purchase.

  2. Personal Loans: Borrow for various needs, often with flexible terms and low interest.

  3. Online Account Opening: Easily open new accounts online.

  4. Business Loans: Credit unions offer business loans to support local entrepreneurs.

  5. Student Loans: Secure affordable financing for education expenses.

  6. Credit Score Monitoring: View your current credit score, and identify ways to maintain or improve your score.

  7. Debt Consolidation Programs: Combine high-interest debt into a more manageable payment plan.

  8. Overdraft Protection: Avoid costly overdraft fees with overdraft protection.

  9. Tutorial Videos: Learn tips and tricks related to your financial life.

  10. Identity Theft Protection: Receive assistance and protection in case of identity theft.

  11. Insurance Products: Access insurance products to protect what matters most.

  12. Individual Retirement Accounts: Plan for retirement with competitive IRA options.

  13. Certificates of Deposit: Lock in a fixed interest rate with CD accounts.

  14. No Hidden Fees: Credit unions are transparent about their fees, ensuring you know what to expect.

  15. e-Pay: Simplify bill payments online by paying within e-Banking.

  16. Wire Transfer Services: Securely transfer funds domestically or internationally.

  17. Payment Options: Obtain money orders or cashier’s checks for secure payments.

  18. Notary Services: Get documents notarized conveniently at your credit union.

  19. 24/7 Account Access: Access your accounts at any time, day or night, with e-Banking.

  20. Express Pay: Members can receive direct deposit up to two business days early!

  21. Online Loan Applications: Apply for loans online for added convenience.

  22. Member Rewards: Community Choice rewards members for their everyday banking with the GetBigReward$ program.

  23. Youth Savings Programs: Teach kids financial responsibility with youth savings programs.

  24. Teen Checking Accounts: MyChoice members can learn to manage money with their own checking accounts and debit cards.

  25. Financial Literacy Workshops: Attend workshops to improve your financial knowledge.

  26. Trust Services: Establish trusts and ensure your assets are managed as per your wishes with the assistance of CU Trust.

  27. Business Banking: Credit unions offer a suite of business banking services.

  28. Merchant Services: Businesses can access payment processing and other Treasury Management services.

  29. Business Checking Accounts: Manage business finances with convenient checking accounts.

  30. Member Appreciation Events: Enjoy exclusive events and promotions as a credit union member.

  31. Skip-a-Payment Programs: Credit unions offer the option to skip a loan payment during tough times.

  32. Member Referral Bonuses: Earn rewards for referring new members to the credit union.

  33. Online Budgeting Tools: Access tools to help you budget and manage your finances.

  34. Discounts on Entertainment: Members with Choice Checking get discounts on entertainment and more!

  35. Low Minimum Balance Requirements: Many accounts have low minimum balance requirements.

  36. Online Calculators: Use calculators to plan your financial future.

  37. Online Account Management Tools: Manage your accounts efficiently online.

  38. Mobile Wallet Integration: Use mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay with your accounts.

  39. Charitable Giving Opportunities: Participate in charitable initiatives through your credit union.

  40. Social Responsibility Programs: Support organizations and causes that your credit union is involved in.

  41. Online Chat Support: Get quick assistance through online chat services.

  42. Access to Investment Advisors: Consult with financial advisors from Community Choice Investment Services.

  43. Enhanced Online Security: Credit unions prioritize online security to protect your accounts.

  44. Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs): Access a line of credit based on your home's equity for various expenses.

  45. Reach Your Goals: Access the products and services to help reach your goals (without any pressure to use products and services just so the credit union can reach its goals).

  46. Cash Fast! Express Cash gives access to emergency funding with only 6 clicks in 60 seconds.

  47. Join the Team: Find career choices you may have never considered and surround yourself with the good kind of different.

  48. Community = Everyone: Employees in the cannabis industry sometimes have issues accessing even the most basic banking services elsewhere. Community Choice welcomes members of the cannabis industry with open arms.

  49. Keep Savings Goals in Sight: Community Choice’s goal-based saving tool, Targets, is simple; choose the dollar amount you want to save, set a timeline to achieve your goal, and Targets will help keep you on track!

Learn about our International Credit Union Day event

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