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Published on June 15, 2020

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Pay it Safe when shopping online

It’s safe to assume that this spring you made more online purchases than usual. From flowers to furniture and from takeout to toys, it’s all available online. If you’re still getting used to buying basic household items, like toilet paper, online, you’re not alone! Shopping on the internet is certainly convenient, but how do you make sure it’s safe? Here are our top 5 suggestions:

1. Setup a Digital Wallet

A digital wallet makes checkout quick and safe while shopping online because you’re not actually giving the store your information; it’s safely saved when you set up your account. Google, Apple, and PayPal host the most common digital wallets.

When making an online purchase, many stores give you the option of selecting PayPal or other digital software for payment. One click of the button and you’re all set without re-entering your debit card information or creating yet another online account.

If you haven’t been in a store lately, that’s completely understandable. But soon you’ll be back out grabbing a coffee or stopping for milk on your way home. Your digital wallet will come in handy there since they are pre-installed on your Smartphone and include Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. With just the tap of your phone, you can pay for products and services without inserting your card and typing your PIN. Your hands stay clean, and your personal financial information remains secure.

2. Pause Before you Pay

If you’re not sold on setting up your digital wallet and prefer to use a debit or credit card to make purchases, be careful before you start typing in your numbers. 

  • Ask yourself: Is this a secure website? Do your research. At the very least, make sure the site starts with https. The “s” at the end stands for “secure.” 
  • If you receive a link from a store in your email, be sure to hover over it for a second or two. 

    • A window will appear telling you where the link is actually coming from; this is a good way you can spot potential fraud. 
    • Look for a misspelled business name. The link might direct you to something completely different. Delete the email. 
 3. Shop with Your Credit Card

With a credit card, you receive added protection thanks to the Fair Credit Billing Act which limits your liability to $50 in the case of fraud, among other protections. You can also quickly and easily freeze your Community Choice credit card in e-Banking and our mobile app if you feel it has been compromised. And, if you’re a Visa Signature Rewards cardholder, you’ll get the added benefit of cash back on your purchase. 

4. Monitor Your Debit Card

If you prefer to use your debit card, remember that the money comes directly from your checking account. While there’s instant gratification in making an online purchase, remember, the money is almost instantly withdrawn from your checking account. You can monitor your account balance or set balance alerts to prevent overdraft fees and a negative balance. To freeze your debit card or adjust your spending limits, use the Card Controls menu in e-Banking or the mobile app.

5. Keep track of your Transactions

If you have increased your online purchasing and love the freedom a digital wallet provides, whether out of necessity or preference, it’s important to keep track of your finances through your e-Banking, where you can monitor your accounts in real time. The sooner you notice something’s wrong, the easier it is to stop it.

Getting Started

If a digital wallet sounds like the right option for you, get started online. Your Smartphone should have a digital wallet app already installed. Just click on it and follow the instructions. To see how you can add your Community Choice Visa Credit Card to your Apple Pay digital wallet, click here. The information available on our website and video tutorials will have you set up in no time!

Community Choice’s Visa Signature CashBack card offers 1.5 percent back on all purchases. The Visa Platinum Card is ideal for those looking to consolidate their balances. For more on both options, click here.

For ways to manage your Visa Credit Card in e-Banking, including setting travel restrictions, when your next payment is due, paying your bill, and more, check out this video located on the credit cards page of our website. 

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