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Maximize your earning potential

Now that you have a checking account, you’ve unlocked the world of cash back possibilities. Last year, members earned more than $3 million in rewards.

Stick around and learn how you can quickly join the ranks of our top earning GetBigReward$ members who received over $1,500 each.

Get in on the perks

Up to $144 in annual rewards

When you earn GetBigReward$, you’ll receive $12 every month you qualify.

Up to 10% annual interest rebate*

Get money back on select, qualifying loans on an annual basis.

You’re in good company

Join members who earned nearly $3.35 million in monthly rewards and loan interest rebates in 2023.

Rewards overview in e-Banking

Keep track of your GetBigReward$ activity and totals anytime from any device.

GetBigReward$ Road Rally

Find fun and rewarding surprises as you journey through a virtual e-Banking adventure, including a chance to win a $1,000 grand prize.

How do I become a GetBigReward$ member?

Complete three simple steps and you’re on your way to $144 in annual rewards. Boost those cash back rewards by adding in a loan that qualifies for a 10% loan interest rebate.*

Choose one of the following:**

  • Choice Checking
  • Loan balance (any amount)
  • Total month-end available balance of $3,500+

Maintain both of the following monthly:***

  • Make 20 Mastercard® transactions (debit and/or credit)
  • $300+ direct deposit(s)

e-Banking is the best place to start

Not only does e-Banking keep you in the know about your money, but it also puts full control right in your hand. When you sign into e-Banking you can take easy steps to set yourself up for top earning potential with GetBigReward$.

Up next, direct deposit

One of the very next steps you should take, if you haven’t already, is to set up your direct deposits with your new checking account. Without $300+ direct deposit(s) each month you’re missing out of the cash you could be earning with GetBigReward$.

Optimize transaction capabilities

To become a GetBigReward$ member, you’ll need to make 20 Mastercard® transactions each month. That doesn’t have to mean just your new debit card. If your money savvy spending includes credit cards, we highly recommend one of these two options. Not required, but it can help get you one step closer to reaching reward status.

World Mastercard

Enjoy premium perks – including cash back – with no annual fee.

  • 1.5% cash back
  • No-fee balance transfers
  • ShopRunner and Postmates Discounts
  • ID theft reimbursement
  • Travel & lifestyle services

Platinum Mastercard

A low-rate, no-frills card for your everyday spending. And of course, no annual fee.

  • No-fee balance transfers
  • ID theft protection
  • Mastercard Global Service
  • Airport Concierge

Go wallet-free with Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay

  • Secure and convenient
  • Works in-person and online
  • Supports peer-to-peer payments
  • Available on most mobile phones

Simplify your life by adding your new debit card to your digital wallet. It’s a safer, easier way to pay, that gets you closer to GetBigReward$ one purchase at a time.

GetBigReward$ Road Rally

The GetBigReward$ Road Rally is a virtual e-Banking trivia adventure exclusive to GetBigReward$ members. Explore everything Michigan has to offer as you cruise along the backroads answering questions weekly, earning badges, and earning entries toward the $1,000 grand prize at the end of the year!

Rewards FAQs

Your rewards questions answered. See all frequently asked questions.


* Loan Interest Rebate is determined annually by the Board of Directors. In 2013-2023, a 10% rebate was given on loan interest paid on qualifying loans.

** The “Choose one” option includes at month end: An open Choice Checking account in good standing, or an outstanding loan balance (excludes credit cards and Express Cash), or a total above $3,500 in available funds (includes all shares and Targets associated with that membership account).

** Maintain 20 monthly Community Choice Mastercard transactions (aggregates all plastic and digital debit and credit card transactions, but excludes ATM transactions). Must also maintain monthly aggregate direct deposit of at least $300.

Must be a member in good standing. GetBigRewards$ terms are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors.