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Treasury Management Services

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As a Community Choice business member, you have access to professional cash management advice, comprehensive treasury services, and first-class support through Community Choice’s partnership with Tru Treasury. Our top priority is the safety and protection of your assets. Our Treasury Management Services help you maximize your cash, reduce expenses, and control risk.



We provide a range of simple to use and safe payment solutions essential to successful cash management.

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Streamline collections and receive payments faster to maximize working capital, enhance cash flows, and mitigate fraud risk.

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Fraud Prevention

Fraud tools to help you mitigate risk of loss and protect your business against possible payment fraud.

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Liquidity Management

We offer multiple deposit and cash management solutions that best fit your liquidity needs including sweep, ZBA, and earnings credit. 

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Payment solutions for disbursing your funds

Regardless of your business size, a solid payment strategy is crucial to the success of any business. Community Choice offers a range of innovative payment solutions to help your business fund disbursements in a secure environment.

ACH Origination

We keep it simple for you. You can create and manage as many payees as you’d like. Reduce check production and the potential of paper-based fraud by setting up electronic payments.

Payroll Services

Manage payroll tasks quickly and easily from a single web-based platform anytime and from anywhere with Inova Payroll Services.

Integrated Payables

Simplify your payables process, reduce manual processing and earn rebates by consolidating all payment types into a single portal.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Streamline cash management and transaction visibility through automatic transferring of funds between a primary consolidation account and dedicated sub accounts.

Wire Transfers

Send large payments and settle large transactions quickly and securely with our domestic and international wire transfer solutions.


Receivable solutions to streamline collection of cash

Improve cash flow by streamlining the cash collection and receivables process. With Community Choice receivable solutions, you can optimize internal operations and improve cash flow management with a full range of receivable solutions.

Armored Transport & Cash Vault

Improve cash flow, funds availability, and reduce costs – all while keeping your employees and business safe and limiting your exposure to loss.

Lockbox Solutions

Centralize, enhance and expedite your payment processing, reduce mail float, and get immediate visibility into your cash flow, saving you time and money.

Business Desktop e-Deposit

Reduce trips to the branch. Quickly and securely scan paper checks received at your office from your computer and electronically deposit the images to your business account.

Heartland® - Merchant Services

We’ve teamed up with Heartland, to offer you innovative payment and point of sale solutions to help you run your business better. Heartland can help you streamline operations, increase productivity and make payments easy so customers can’t resist buying from you.

  • Take payments anywhere: Online, restaurant, retail, and on the go

  • Accept any major method of payment: Cash, check, credit, debit and gift cards, chip card and digital wallet

  • Process payments over any compatible device: Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, terminal and point of sale system

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Streamline your accounts payable and receivable with Autobooks invoicing solution. You’ll be able to see who paid their invoice, and who is past due. Ideal for small business owners looking to personalize invoices to suit their needs.

Fraud Prevention

Prioritize payment security and data protection

Payment fraud is a growing problem and can be a serious threat to your business. Exposure to financial loss is  possible at multiple points in the payment process. Community Choice offers solutions to help your business protect against payment internal and external payment fraud threats.

ACH Positive Pay

Protect your business accounts through an automated process that screens and attempts to identify unauthorized ACH debit transactions - protecting you from losses and stolen account information.

Check Positive Pay

Mitigate your exposure to check fraud and losses by utilizing Community Choice’s Check Positive Pay service. Review, approve, or reject potential counterfeit checks before they clear your account – saving you time, money and improving security.

Account Reconciliation Services

Receive timely, precise information in a digital data file that can be uploaded into your corporate reconciliation system – saving you the time and expense of manually sorting, matching and keying entries.

Liquidity Management

Cash management solutions that put you in control

Your business is unique – Community Choice has cash management solutions that can cater to your business operations. We can put your cash to work to help offset treasury fees and maximize return, with greater control and visibility.

Account Analysis

Offset transaction fee expense with Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) and enhance visibility with consolidated statement of charges with account analysis options.

Sweep Services

With our sweep solution if your checking account reaches an established target collected balance, the excess funds are automatically directed toward an interest-bearing solution or additional loan payment.

  • Investment Sweep - Maximize the investment value of unused funds with automated sweep services. We’ll put your idle cash to work for you, sweeping it directly to your investment account so it can earn interest immediately.

  • Loan Sweep - Reduce interest expense and pay down debt sooner when excess funds in the sweep account are used to pay down outstanding loan balances.

Cash Concentration

Streamline cash management and transaction visibility through automatic transferring of funds to a primary consolidation account.

Commercial Deposit Solutions

Whether you are holding funds in escrow, setting up multiple payment accounts, or interested in return on excess funds, Community Choice has a deposit solution for you.

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