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Treasury Management Services

March 16, 2023

Take advantage of all the Treasury Management Services we have to offer

Did you know that you have access to a comprehensive array of Treasury Management Services as a Community Choice business member?

Many of our business members have questions about what these services include. Simply put, our Treasury Management Services are here to support the safety and protection of your assets. Your life keeps you busy between running your business, managing finances, and living your life so we want to provide you with the peace of mind knowing you are receiving complete support for your business account.

In 2022, more than 225 business members took advantage of Treasury Management Services.

The Treasury Management Services we offer are provided through our partnership with Tru Treasury, which Community Choice has been working with since 2021. Tru Treasury was established by professionals in the credit union industry to specifically support credit union members with business accounts. With Tru Treasury’s help, we can provide the tools, expertise, and products you need to compete in your industry.

Specifically, our Treasury Management Services are designed to:

  • Maximize your cash
  • Reduce expenses
  • Control risk

Let’s take a closer look at how these available benefits can help you:


Get access to easy-to-use, secure payment solutions that are essential to successful cash management including payroll services, ACH origination, and more.


Maximize working capital, enhance your cash flows and mitigate fraud risk by streamlining collections and payments.

Fraud Prevention

Get tools that are designed to help you with one of the biggest concerns a small business faces while protecting your business against payment fraud.

Liquidity Management

Multiple deposit and cash management solutions are available to support your liquidity needs.

With these services, Community Choice is better positioned to be a resource that helps you attract and retain customers while identifying operational and product efficiencies to support your business.

Ready to take advantage of these comprehensive business services? Contact a Community Choice Treasury Management professional today by calling 248.785.5189 or emailing us at

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