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Choice Map — Borrow

Take credit seriously

From everyday spending to your home and transportation, credit is a valuable tool when you take it seriously. Credit and loans are part of a healthy financial mix. We encourage you to take out loans but take your borrowing strategy seriously.

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When you pay with your Community Choice World Mastercard, you’re earning cash back on every purchase and racking up transactions to get those GetBigReward$.

Your journey starts now

There’s more advice where this came from, and we’ll personalize it just for you! Enroll in Choice Map, our free comprehensive financial wellness plan to ensure you’re navigating the road ahead with intention.

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Steps to borrowing

Know the score

Credit scores are powerful numbers. Knowing yours is the first step, followed by creating a plan to achieve your ideal score.

Consistency is key

Pay your bills on time—it’s the most important factor in determining your credit score.

Eliminate high-interest debt

Finding yourself buried in high-interest debt feels overwhelming. Let’s explore ways to refinance your existing loans.

Creating goals

Maximize your equity.

With each mortgage payment you make, you’re building up equity that can work in your favor when borrowing with a FlexChoice home equity line of credit.

  • Flexibility to segment at a fixed rate and term
  • Pay for larger purchases like vacations, emergencies, or home projects.


Building better community, one member at a time

We know that when our members are living well and enjoying healthier finances, our communities are better off. That’s why we offer smart solutions and great banking benefits.

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