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Chat Features

May 15, 2024

Chat Features:
CoBrowse, Screen Share, and Audio/Video Sessions

It’s important to us that we meet your needs based on your preferences and that’s why our chat stays up to date on the latest technologies, including CoBrowsing, Screen Sharing, and Audio/Video Sessions. These features put you in the driver’s seat. You grant permission, choose the level of access given, and can end sessions at any time.


What is it? CoBrowse allows a Member Contact Center Advisor to browse along with you on the Community Choice website, within e-Banking, or on our mobile app. The advisor can also take action on your behalf if needed. CoBrowse can be especially helpful if you’re having a hard time finding what you’re looking for and want someone to take control. Think of it as your one-on-one concierge support. You’ll always see where the advisor’s mouse is and if at any time during your chat session you want to disconnect from CoBrowse, you can end your chat session and it will disconnect CoBrowse.

Screen Sharing

How is this different from CoBrowse? Screen Sharing allows a Member Contact Center Advisor to see what is on your screen without taking any action. You choose what level of visibility to you give to your computer, phone, or tablet by selecting “Tab”, “Window”, or “Screen”. We always want you to be in control, any time you want, select the “End Screen-Sharing” button and the advisor will no longer be able to see anything on your screen.

Upgrade to Audio/Video Session

When using CoBrowse or Screen Sharing it might be preferred to upgrade to an audio/video session. This allows you to speak through your device directly without needing to toggle between windows. This choice can be provided by the advisor during a chat session or you can request this whenever you want. You’ll have to agree to upgrade to an audio/video session and once you agree you’ll be connected to the same advisor you were chatting with.

CoBrowse, Screen Sharing, and Audio/Video Sessions are chat features found on our website, e-banking, and in our mobile app. You will be asked before every session to grant permission before you enter into any of these options. As always, Community Choice Credit Union takes your privacy seriously and these tools are no different. Review our privacy policies here, and know that our team is always thinking about how to provide you with 5-star quality care, digitally or in person.