A piggy bank with spare change

Youth Accounts in Michigan

Captain Choice (Ages 0-12)
Good savings habits are important for managing your money. A Captain Choice account teaches kids the importance of money management at an early age.
  • Generous 3.00% APY*
  • Point rewards system for meeting savings goals and earning good grades
  • Only $5 membership deposit required to start
  • Gifts for opening account
Take flight and play games with Captain and Crew

MYChoice (Ages 13-17)
As you get a little older, you’ll find that smart spending and saving habits are key to financial freedom. Learn how to manage what you have and help it grow into more. 

Young Adults (Ages 18-24)
As you find your own place, get student loans, and build credit, you’ll need some financial support. Community Choice is always here to lend a helping hand.

No dividends earned on balances under $10.00. Fees may reduce earnings. $5.00 minimum to open.

*APY is designated as Annual Percentage Yield. APY
 is based on the assumption that the money is left on deposit during the dividend period. Dividend rates on share accounts, except the Holiday Club, will be declared monthly by the Board of Directors and posted on the last day of every month. All rates subject to change at any time without notice. Rates subject to change without notice and are for informational purposes only. For details or latest rate information, contact a Credit Union representative.