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A Little Time Back Just for Yourself

April 28, 2022

At Community Choice, we specialize in convenience and easy access to your accounts. Let us help you eliminate one of your errands.

This is just a quick reminder that just about anything you need to take care of at one of our members centers can be done online through e-Banking. It’s safe, quick, and convenient  ̶  you can take care of business on your time, at your leisure.

If you’re not in the habit of logging in to e-Banking, take a few minutes to either register or get reacquainted. You’ll be amazed at everything you can do without having to miss an inning of your child’s game or your favorite yoga class.

Need to move money from your savings account to checking? Easy. You’ll find the Move Money tab in the left column in e-Banking after you log in.

Need to send some money to your kids? Splitting the lunch tab with friends? Those are easy too. There’s a Member to Member transfer widget right in Move Money and a Pay a Friend (P2P) option.

Is it time to pay your Mastercard or cable bill? You have several options here. You can set up automatic recurring payments or a one-time payment using e-Pay. There’s a button in the top right-hand corner of your screen in e-Banking. Register one time in e-Pay. After that, it’s one tap of your phone or one click of your mouse.

All of the same conveniences are available using your Smartphone. Really, it’s so easy. Just click on or download the app and open a door to more banking options than you can imagine. We’ve made all of these possibilities available to you because we know that your time is valuable.

We’ve recently made a few subtle changes in e-Banking to make our menus even easier to navigate, like larger buttons so you don’t have to strain to find what you’re looking for, and new widgets. We’ve also made it possible to print documents from the mobile app, edit recurring transfers, and added to our list of push notifications for added security.

Go ahead. Pay your bills while you wait in line to pick up your child from school. Check your balance while you browse through your favorite store or website. Better yet, kick back on the patio and take care of all your daily financial needs.

  • Deposit a check. With just the snap of a photo, you can deposit checks into your account anywhere, any time.
  • Set up an emergency savings account. In addition to being prepared for the unexpected, the balance in this account will accrue interest along with the rest of your savings accounts.
  • Go through all of your transactions. Scroll through all your payments and withdrawals and check your balances.
  • You can donate to the Community Choice Foundation.
  • Apply for a loan. Time for new car or RV? Considering some home improvement? You can apply for a loan right through e-Banking. In most cases, you’ll have all the paperwork finished before your coffee gets cold. Be sure to check out “My Special Offers” to see if you’re already prequalified.
  •  And so much more!

We still love seeing you in person, and we will greet you with a smile 12 months a year. But if you prefer, please accept our offer to take a little time back just for yourself.

If you need any assistance logging in to e-Banking or downloading our app, give us a call at 877.243.2528 and we’ll help get you set up.