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3 Tips to Ensure You’re Covered for National Insurance Awareness Day

June 22, 2022

We see you. You’re out there making all the right moves, living the life you desire. All is well.

Of course, like your favorite midway roller coaster, life has its expected ups and downs. It’s all part of the ride, right? Luckily, insurance is the lap bar protecting you at every turn.

National Insurance Awareness Day is June 28. Let’s check a few things to ensure a smooth ride:

1. Review your current coverage

Take a peek at your current insurance policies and make sure you’re protected from every angle.


With the essentials protected, you might even consider adding specialized coverage for high value items such as jewelry or sports memorabilia.

2. Polish up your policies

Life changes often dictate insurance changes. What once was a $150,000 home may now be worth substantially more, especially if you’ve added some bells and whistles like a new deck or upgraded bathroom.


 Be certain to adapt policies to keep up with your specific situation and current day values. 

3. Peruse what else is out there

Staying educated on all of your insurance options helps you make informed decisions. Some insurance companies may offer promotions to help you save some cash.


Bundling your coverage often provides a great opportunity to combine competitive pricing with convenience. That’s a win-win in our book any day.

We’ve partnered with dedicated teams of insurance professionals to provide you cost-effective protection.