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Access your accounts and money with ease by using e-Banking 

Enjoy complete control over your e-Banking experience with fast, free and secure access to easily use all your accounts. Convenient online banking services include::
  • Customizable experience
  • 360 degree view of accounts
  • Secure multi-factor authentication
  • Widgets

Sign up for e-Banking


Login ID: 8-10 characters
Password: 10-20 characters

Screenshot of e-Banking login area on the homepage of CommunityChoice.com

The e-Banking login area now only asks for your login ID, not your password. As a security precaution, if you have not logged in within the last 180 days, you may need to re-enroll in e-Banking. Please contact the Member Contact Center at 877.243.2528 for assistance if this has occurred.

See login troubleshooting

My e-Banking

Use the My e-Banking widgets to quickly access information that's important to you.

Widgets you'll find helpful include:

  • My accounts - A simple snapshot of your accounts
  • GoTo - Immediate access to features you use frequently
  • Download - Quickly download account and loan history
  • Messages - Easily send us any questions

Remember, it's your My e-Banking page. Organize it just the way you like it with Configure This Page . To adjust individual widget settings, use the silver gear icon. Remove widgets by using the red X.

e-Banking tabs

Use the tabs along the top of the screen to access different elements of e-Banking.


Accounts summary page of Community Choice Credit Union

e-Banking tabs include:

  • e-Banking - View all balance, history and transaction requests for share accounts and loans
  • e-Pay - Pay bills online
  • e-Statements - View e-Statments and e-Notices
  • Settings - Update your e-Banking user profile
  • Services - Access additional services, including e-Alerts
  • Visa - Access your Visa ® account.


Personal icon and password

You will be asked to select a personal icon image. You will see your selected personal icon every time you login, giving you the peace of mind that it is safe to enter your password. This step provides another layer of protection to guard you from online fraud.

Personal e-Banking login icons
Multifactor authentication

To maximize your security, you may also be prompted to refresh your multifactor authentication (MFA) questions during this upgrade, as well as at certain intervals throughout the year. For your protection, please select questions and answers that you feel would be the most difficult for others to answer.

New features coming soon

We've heard your feedback and are making some improvements to make e-Banking even better. Here's what you can expect in the near future:

  • Easier navigation - View all the important things you want to see the moment you log into e-Banking. Don't worry, you can still customize e-Banking to your liking, but this new look will be the default view.
  • Quick view of scheduled transactions - Quickly locate scheduled transactions
  • Enhanced GetBigReward$® view - See your current status and rewards history in one place

Screenshot of account view inside e-Banking

Having trouble logging in to e-Banking?

If you are a current Community Choice member and you want to enroll in e-Banking, please call us at 877.243.2528 or contact us

If you have previously enrolled in e-Banking, but forgot your password, please attempt again to login through the password reset tool


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