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Doxim Data Incident 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Doxim

Doxim is a Michigan-based communications management company. Community Choice Credit Union utilizes Doxim to send our member monthly statements and notices.

What happened

Doxim was the victim of a ransomware attack. These attacks are increasing in frequency across all industries. Community Choice was notified in April of unauthorized data access during the ransomware attack, and worked with attorneys to investigate the depth of the exposure. It was determined that a limited number of Community Choice members were impacted.

What member information was shared in this incident?

A select group of member names, addresses, and account numbers were exposed. This information, similar to the information found on personal checks, cannot be used to gain access to a member’s account for transactions such as transfers, withdrawals, balance inquiries, or opening new accounts or services.

What action do I need to take

No action is needed. We are sharing this information with you for your awareness.

How do I monitor my information

All e-Banking users have access to their credit score and history. Your TransUnion Credit Report is being monitored daily and that means you have the ability to turn on email notifications to receive credit monitoring alerts. Check that you have this turned on, follow these steps:

Log into e-Banking > go to Menu > Financial Wellness > Credit Score > Resources > Profile Settings

From here, make sure you see a checkmark next to “Credit Monitoring Alerts”.

Do I have ID Protection?

All Choice Checking account holders are automatically enrolled in ID Protection. This service provides identify theft protection and restoration services. If you need assistance with this service, contact us.

What if I don’t have Choice Checking? Can I enroll?

Absolutely. Transitioning your checking account to Choice Checking is easy. In e-Banking follow these steps

Go to Menu > Settings > Checking Account Options

Once here, select the checking account you want to transition then select “Choice Checking” as the new checking account type. This causes no changes to your account number or disruption to your checking services. We can also assist you with this change over the phone or at any Community Choice Member Center.

Where can I find a copy of Community Choice Credit Union’s Privacy Policy?

Click here or visit