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Payables Services

June 9, 2023

Be “Tru” to your vendors with the help of Tru Treasury’s Payables Services

Paying your company’s bills on time to reliable vendors, partners and other stakeholders is critical to maintaining the operations needed to run the business. As a Community Choice business member, you have access to our comprehensive Treasury Management Services, which provides a full range of benefits including payables support.

Our partnership with Tru Treasury allows you to choose from several options to fund distributions securely. You can choose to pay any vendor or partner the way you want. Here’s a sampling of those options:

ACH Origination

Initiate an electronic payment to multiple vendors at one time. The funds will be seamlessly deposited into their accounts from yours. This allows you to reduce the number of checks you need to write while paying off as many “bills” as you’d like in one full swoop.

Integrated Payables

Use a single portal to manage a full range of payables responsibilities by consolidating all payment types. This allows you to reduce manual processing while earning rebates.

Payroll Services

Pay the people who support your business without fail with the help of Tru Treasury’s Payroll Services. This service allows you to manage your payroll anytime, anywhere on an easy-to-use web-based platform with Inova Payroll.

Wire Transfers

Community Choice makes sending large payments or transactions simple and hassle-free but doing the work for you. Wire transfers can be sent both domestically and internationally.

Zero Balance Accounts

Automatically transfer funds between a primary consolidation account and dedicated sub accounts seamlessly. A ZBA allows for cash management simplicity and complete transparency with all transactions, giving you added peace of mind.

Support is always available from our Community Choice Treasury Management team by calling 248.785.5189 or emailing