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Record-breaking GetBigReward$

February 6, 2024

GetBigReward$ returned millions to members in 2023 – here’s how to get yours!

There’s something exciting about getting money back from unexpected places. And for GetBigReward$ members, nothing beats seeing those rewards dollars added right into their account at the start of each month.

That excitement set a record in 2023: Community Choice Credit Union members earned nearly $3.35 million in BIG cash rewards through our GetBigReward$ program. How did they do this? GetBigReward$ provides cash rewards to members for doing daily business like receiving direct deposits, using their Community Choice Mastercard® debit or credit cards, or using a loan product.

Since we started GetBigReward$ in 2013, the program has paid out nearly $28 million. Members might recall that we simplified the ways to earn rewards last year by requiring just three qualifiers. You can read more about how you can qualify for GetBigReward$ by clicking here. It’s easier than ever!

Many of the changes effective last year were made based on member feedback, and that feedback will always be important. Members are our owners, after all, so we welcome your ideas.

The bottom line is all members can earn rewards: up to $144 per year in monthly cash credits for using your cards or having a Choice Checking account. And GetBigReward$ members can earn even more through the added benefit of loan interest rebates. In 2023, top rewards earners received more than $1500 each when they also qualified for loan interest rebates.  

We believe in sharing our success with our members and GetBigReward$ was created to be best-in-class in the credit union space. Our team at Community Choice is constantly looking at how GetBigReward$ and other products we offer provide value to you, our members.

Not a GetBigReward$ member yet? Don’t miss out. Start enjoying that extra $12 each month when you do your daily financial business with Community Choice. We’re with you for that daily cup of coffee, that weekly grocery shop and that once-in-a-lifetime kitchen remodel.

If you’re already a GetBigReward$ member, enjoy your rewards and thank you for putting your trust in us.