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Community Choice Foundation

Empower children in their academic journey

Join us in making a difference today by sponsoring our Community Choice Back-to-School Bash. Your sponsorship goes beyond numbers — it creates smiles, instills confidence, and leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of those you touch. Let’s unite to make education a celebration!

Event: August 8, 2024 from 4 – 7 p.m.

Young boy walks with a blue backpack towards a small crowd of children

Ready to make a lasting impact?

Your business name will shine across promotional materials, social media, and event spaces. Most importantly, it ensures that our community’s children are ready for school.

Back-to-School Bash Sponsorship Opportunities

Table at Back-to-School Bash event
Logo featured on an all-member email
(88,000+ members)
Logo featured on locally targeted member
email (5,000-10,000 members)
Promotional item + informational
sheet in backpacks
Mentions/tags on credit union social
media posts leading up to and after event
Participation at one Back-to-School Bash
event of your choosing
Ability to include an informational
sheet in backpacks
Branded social media image
(your logo featured)
Social media mentions
Logo on website
Logo on branded sponsor banner
during event