Lose one's shirt

Fig. to lose a lot of money; to lose all of one's assets (as if one had even lost one's shirt).
Example: Man, I just lost my shirt at the bank. They hit me with ridiculous fees!

Ever get the feeling you lost your shirt? We know right where you lost it ... at the bank. If you’re tired of getting fooled by your bank’s endless fees and “free” services that cost you money and your shirt, it’s time to switch — to Community Choice Credit Union.

Think you already lost your shirt? Answer a few "off the cuff" questions and you’ll receive a $25* deposit after opening your new membership with Community Choice Credit Union.


Answer Questions


*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. New members only. $5.00 minimum to open account. .05% APY paid on balances of $100 and above. $25.00 is deposited to the new member’s account at the time of opening. The $25.00 is deposited in the member’s Share -99 (GetBigReward$®) and the credits may be used to offset any fees. Any balance in the Share -99 as of December 31 will be transferred to the Share -00 as long as the member has at least 6 products/services at the end of the year. The amount transferred will report as interest income on Form-1099 INT. Employees and board members are ineligible.