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You may access your account 24/7 through e-Banking. Enter the following first time login information in the e-Banking login box:

• Username (totaling nine characters): Your first initial, followed by the first five letters of your last name (if you have less than five letters, use your entire last name) then the last three numbers of your member number (or as many numbers as you need from the end of your member number to make your username a total of nine characters. For example, if your name is Maria Johnson and your member number is 12345, your username would be would be mjohns345. If your name is Maria John, your username would be mjohn2345.

• Password: To receive your initial password, enter your username and click “Forgot Password.” You will receive your new password at the e-mail address you had on file with ROME Credit Union.

Coming Together for Member Prosperity

Thank you for visiting our special merger web page. The buttons below will take you to specific information we have put together to help you better understand Community Choice and how the merger will benefit you. If you have additional questions regarding the merger or process, we encourage you to direct your questions to a special email we have established: RomeMerger@CommunityChoiceCU.com. We will answer via email and update the FAQs on this page. Please check back for updated information and watch your regular mail and email for details to be delivered directly to you in the coming months. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and improve the quality of financial care that you and your families receive. 

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