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  • What are the main differences between credit unions and banks?
  • Credit unions are non-profit cooperatives owned by their members. Banks have an obligation to be profitable because they report to shareholders, while credit unions act in the best interests of their members since they are owned by their members. Credit unions hold an annual meeting which is open to members to provide their feedback and to nominate eligible members for open Board of Director positions. 
  • Founded on the concept of providing affordable credit to working class families, credit unions strive to provide a fair and secure environment for people to manage their finances. According to, Credit Unions have lower rates on loans and higher rates on share (savings) accounts.
  • Does Community Choice offer products and services to businesses?
  • Yes, the Credit Union offers a wide-variety of products and services to both individuals and business owners. 
  • Where is Community Choice headquartered?
  • Community Choice Credit Union is headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan. 
  • Rob Bava, President and CEO of Community Choice Credit UnionWho is the President and CEO of the Credit Union?
  • Robert Bava is the President and CEO of Community Choice Credit Union. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business administration and a Master’s of Science in Finance from Walsh College where he graduated with honors. Rob is also a graduate of the CUNA Management School where he was President of his class. 
  • With more than 25 years of experience in retail banking, he serves on the following boards:
  • Commercial Alliance- Chairman
  • Member Driven Technologies- Chairman 
  • Credit Union Solutions Group- Secretary 
  • Member First Mortgage- Director