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Tips To Help you Stay Safe on the Roads

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Published on June 21, 2021

Making the return of summer even sweeter is that our favorite businesses are fully re-opening, backyard barbeques with friends and family have returned, and once-canceled vacation plans have resumed!

As our day-to-day routines and traditions take one step closer to normal, another thing you may have noticed returning to normal is the amount of traffic you see in your neighborhood or on the highways!

Whether you’re heading back to the office or a favorite summer destination, here are a few tips that will help you stay safe out on the roads:

Drive defensively

Your fellow drivers may not be paying attention to their surroundings quite as closely as you are. Make sure you know where they are, leave enough room between you and the driver in front of you (in case they stop suddenly),  and be proactive.

Ignore your phone

We keep saying this, but the data backs it up. Save your texts and videos to enjoy from the comfort of your couch rather than the fast lane!  Consider turning on the “Do Not Disturb” setting to avoid the temptation of an alert.

Note out-of-state plates

If someone isn’t from around here, they are more likely to stop suddenly, turn without warning, or be distracted by their phone or navigation devices.

Learn new traffic patterns

That intersection you’ve been using may be packed now. Try alternative routes to avoid congestion and accidents.

It’s great to be out again, but the busier the roads, the more likely it is that you could be in an accident. Enjoy the weather and the freedom of being out but stay cautious.

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