At Community Choice Credit Union, we offer highly personalized service, financial expertise, everyday banking services, great products, and a superior member rewards program. GetBigReward$ is our way of rewarding you financially for making the most of your membership. You’ll earn credits based on your level of qualified participation.

There are four levels determined by the number of qualified products and services you have: Emerald, Gold, Silver and Copper. Emerald and Gold levels receive monthly credits that may be used to offset any fees or refunded at year-end. To receive the annual reward, you must be at least at the Gold level as of December 31 of each year. You may also be eligible for an annual loan interest rebate of up to 10% of interest paid on qualified loans. See how you save with GetBigReward$.

Convenient options

Choose any of our offerings below and start earning rewards, including up to a 10%* annual rebate on qualified loan interest! 

GetBigReward$ chart with products, services and monthly reward credits

Qualified products and services

*Loan interest rebate is determined annually by the Board of Directors. In 2014 and 2015, the loan interest rebate was 10%.
**Product counts towards GetBigReward$ status, but does not qualify for loan interest rebate.
***Must have at least one deposit of at least $300 every 35 days to be considered active.

Enjoy the rewards

When you join Community Choice Credit Union, you actually own a piece of the credit union and have a say in what happens to your money. Plus, along with our full array of great banking products and services and our superior rewards program, you get:

  • Up to $108 in annual rewards/credits at the Emerald level
  • Up to 10% annual interest rebate on select loans
  • Auto loan interest rates that average 1% better than banks 1
  • Credit card interest rates that average up to 4% better than banks 2
  • 1,660 Michigan CO-OP Network ATMs, all surcharge-free 

Start saving and earning today! Contact your nearby Community Choice Credit Union member center at 877.243.2528.

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1 Source: CULink Michigan as of March 27, 2015
2 Source: CULink Michigan as of March 27, 2015