The exterior of a member center building.

Getting together is always getting better!

Community Choice Credit Union is committed to providing an outstanding member experience. In order to accomplish this we're investing significant time to develop state-of-the-art member centers (we don’t call them branches anymore). By calling them member centers, we’re capturing the purpose of our locations — a place for members to get together with Community Choice Personal Advisors to build a relationship with their financial institution.

We're moving to downtown Wyandotte

New Wyandotte Member Center building.

Ready for some great news? We are relocating our Wyandotte Member Center to the heart of downtown! Our new Wyandotte Member Center will welcome the community to our open-concept design, giving members a great space to consult with our Personal Advisors on how to live the life they desire.

Check back often for details on construction in Wyandotte.

New member center design in Royal Oak

Community Choice Credit Union opened a new location at 12 Mile and Crooks in December 2017.

Royal Oak Member Center

The new building, located directly across the street from the current member center, features the Credit Union’s new design, a revolutionary open-concept model that enhances the way members experience financial services. Members can find similar experiences at member centers in Northville, Livonia, Milford and Shelby Township.

The Royal Oak Member Center includes a coffee bar with a cafe-like atmosphere, uniquely-designed architecture, a convenient drive-up ATM and a focus on state-of-the-art technology — all while offering a comfortable, casual feel.

Let’s get together TM

Community Choice member centers look and feel like a place you want to gather  a place where you feel comfortable spending time whether it’s to have a cup of coffee or learn about ways to improve your financial wellness.


Self-service assist

We still help process transactions such as cashing paychecks, but do so by providing members with the technology to process the transaction on their own terms. This doesn't mean we just point them to a machine. We greet them and determine how we can best serve them while utilizing state-of-the-art technology. 

Woman enjoying a cup of coffee at a member center

Barrier free relationships

Traditional banking branches were constructed with physical barriers that made you less inclined to form relationships with staff. Instead of waiting in a teller line, you’ll notice our member centers are barrier free. That’s intentional; our team members want to form long-term relationships with each of our members so we can provide the kind of advice that helps them prosper. 

View the open-concept experience: