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Enjoy 10%* Cash Back!

Reward yourself when you use your Platinum or World** Mastercard on digital wallet transactions and recurring payments and earn 10% cash back for a limited time.

  • Secure payments through tokenization
  • Works in-person, online, and in many mobile apps
  • Receive instant notifications after each transaction
  • Available on most mobile phones and smart watches

Need some clarity? We’re here to help.

How safe are digital wallets?

  • While most people switch to digital wallets so that they can leave their plastic cards at home, the focus on security is one of the most important benefits. Digital wallets come with added security features such as tokenization, contactless payment, instant notifications, and built in authentication. Learn more here.

What is tokenization?

  • Tokenization is a process that replaces card account numbers with unique codes while retaining all essential information without revealing the actual card number. This means that even if a merchant gets hacked, your credit card number is not compromised because your card number was not used. Because of the unique code this process generates, your credit card number is NOT stored on the device.

What are recurring payments?

  • Recurring payments are payments that authorize a merchant to charge your card repeatedly for products or services on a predetermined schedule such as monthly or annually. Examples include cable bills, cell phone bills, gym memberships, utility bills, and streaming services.

*10% cash back reward is available for qualifying recurring payments and digital wallet transactions made from June 15 through August 31, 2024. Community Choice Credit Union shall determine which purchases qualify. There is a $30 cash back max per cardholder, but no minimum transaction amount. If you have not activated your credit card, please call 800.631.3197 to do so. Federally Insured by the NCUA. 
**World Mastercard cash back rewards will continue to accrue at 1.5% for every dollar spent on all purchases made before June 15, 2024 and after August 31, 2024.