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Personal loans for all your needs

Figuring out what type of personal loan is best for you can be tough. There are a lot of different options available to consumers, and many of them can be confusing. Community Choice Credit Union has been working with members to ensure their financial security for more than 80 years.

Our team can help you decide what type of loan best suits your situation. If you're interested in an unsecured personal loan or secured loan and have questions, please call us at 877.243.2528 or visit one of our conveniently located member centers .

Personal Loans APR* As Low As
You Name It Loan 2 7.49 %
Line of Credit 3 12.40%

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CD and Share Secured Loans APR* As Low As
Certificate of Deposit Secured 4 2.50 %
Savings Share Secured 1 2.50 %

Rate is share certificate or savings share annual dividend rate plus 1.50%. Term of share certificate secured loans cannot exceed the term of the certificate. Maximum term of a savings share secured loan is 60 months. Floor rate 2.50%.

You Name It loan

An unsecured or personal loan is based entirely on the borrower's credit. Unlike a home equity loan, there is no collateral. These loans are generally for shorter periods of time and don't require collateral. Because they are based on credit, approval can be determined in a very short amount of time.

Secured loan

A secured loan uses collateral, such as the borrower's savings account to secure the loan. Secured loans can also use share accounts, also know as certificates of deposit (CDs), as collateral. Share certificates are term specified savings accounts that offer higher yields than traditional savings accounts. The only downside to share certificates is that withdrawing your money early will be penalized. So why not just use your savings instead of a loan? A secured loan is beneficial in that it allows the borrower's savings to continue to gain dividends during the loan period. Having your savings as collateral also allows lenders to offer longer terms and lower interest rates on secured loans.

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Effective 05/01/18 Rates subject to change without notice and are for informational purposes only. For details or latest rate information, contact a credit union representative.

*All rates are disclosed as Annual Percentage Rates. Your rate will be based on your credit history, approximate term, and security offered. A loan officer will let you know the rate you qualify for after reviewing your application documents. 50% basis points will be added to the APR for refinances of existing credit union loans. 

2  60 monthly payments of $21.99 per $1,000 borrowed. 
3  Monthly payments of $30.00 per $1,000 borrowed.
4 60 monthly payments of $17.75 per $1,000 borrowed.