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Pay your loan

Make a loan payment using your Community Choice account

You can easily complete a payment for your credit cards or loans by transferring funds from your Community Choice checking or savings account in e-Banking through the Transfer tab. To make a payment on your Visa® credit card in e-Banking, select the Visa tab.

Pay a loan using your account at another credit union or bank

Use the following services to pay your loan or Visa credit card.

Pay loan by electronic ACH

We've launched a powerful new system to make paying your loans easier and more efficient. You'll need to register for this payment system—even if you've used this service in the past. A few helpful tips:

  • Use the Pay Loan button below to get started
  • You will need your member number, which can be found before the hyphen in your loan number
    • EX: If your loan number is 1234567-01, your member number is 1234567.
  • Your username will be your email address. You can register with the same email address you used in the previous payment system, if you like.
  • When creating your password, please ensure it is at least eight characters long, and includes an uppercase letter, a special character and a number
  • You'll be able to pay loans immediately or setup autopay
  • If you choose not to register, you can still quickly make a payment using our new express pay option
See what the new system looks like:

Total payment amount for loan.


Pay Visa by electronic ACH

 To make a payment on your Visa credit card in e-Banking, select the Visa tab.