Michigan's Community Choice Credit Union Says Welcome, Eastside Family Federal Credit Union!

How do I access my account in e-Banking?

Now that the merger is complete, you can access your account through e-Banking. If you have logged into Eastside’s online banking within the last six months, please visit CommunityChoiceCU.com and use the following login credentials within the e-Banking Login area located in the top, right corner.

Login ID: Your new login ID will be comprised of cccu followed by your Eastside account number. For example, if your Eastside account number was 12345, your login ID would be cccu12345. You can change your login ID within e-Banking.

Password: Your new password will be comprised of cccu followed by the last six numbers of your Social Security Number (or Taxpayer Identification Number). For example, if your Social Security Number was 123-45-6789, your password would be cccu456789. For your security, a password change will be required immediately after your first e-Banking login.

If you haven’t logged into Eastside’s online banking within the last six months, but you have an email address on file with Eastside, please visit CommunityChoiceCU.com and select “This is my first time” under the e-Banking Login area. Complete the auto-enrollment process to setup your e-Banking credentials. If you don’t have an email address on file with Eastside, please call us at 877.243.2528 after August 2 to setup e-Banking.

Merger information

The links below will take you to specific information we have put together to help you better understand Community Choice and how the merger will benefit you.

If you have additional questions regarding the merger, we encourage you to email them to EastsideMerger@CommunityChoiceCU.comWe will answer via email and update the FAQs on this page.

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Added June 24, 2015:


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