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Chip technology: simple and secure

When it comes to security, we've got your back. Community Choice chip cards offer the convenience and benefits you have come to expect, combined with state-of-the-art technology to keep you safe.

Why does my card need a chip?

Chip technology is the new global standard in enhancing security and reducing fraud. Chip cards combat counterfeiting thanks to dynamic, ever-changing data within an embedded chip. Since the data changes with every transaction, information illegally captured from a chip card would be useless to criminals.

Many stores in the United States are starting to adopt chip technology, which will soon be standard at all merchants. Having a chip card in your wallet now means you’ll be ready when they are.

How do I use my chip card at stores that are ready?

It's easy! Follow these steps when making a purchase at stores with a functioning chip card reader. 

Three steps to show how to use chip enabled cards.  

What if the store isn't ready to accept chip cards?

You can use your chip card wherever Visa® is accepted because it still has the magnetic stripe on the back. Complete your transaction by swiping your card in the traditional fashion.

Some stores that appear to be ready may have chip card readers that aren’t fully functioning yet. In those circumstances, let the cashier guide you on how to properly complete the transaction. At some stores, this may involve typing your card information at checkout.

Is my chip card 100% secure?

While some merchants fully support chip card use, others have been slow to make the required change. Because of this, there are times when you may need to use the mag stripe on your card instead of the chip when making a purchase. For your security, you may wish to select merchants that are fully prepared to support cards with chip technology.

How do I use my chip card at an ATM?

When using your chip card at a Community Choice ATM, insert and quickly withdraw your card. The machine will acknowledge you have a chip card and prompt you to re-insert your card, this time leaving it inserted as you would when making a purchase at a store. At the end of your transaction, the ATM will prompt you to remove your card.

You may find that ATMs not operated by Community Choice sometimes have different procedures for using a chip card. Please follow the screen prompts at those locations.

When will I receive my chip card?

Has your address or phone number changed? Ensure you receive and can activate your chip card in a timely manner by updating your contact information within e-Banking.



Debit cards


Community Choice Credit Union Visa debit card with chip.Community Choice will begin reissuing debit cards featuring chip technology in 2016.

Please activate your new debit card within 30 days of arrival, at which time your current debit card will be deactivated.

Please set your PIN during card activation. You will not receive a separate PIN mailer.

Your new debit card will also have a new number. After activation, please ensure you update any automatic payments to reflect your new card information.

Visa Signature CashBack credit card
Credit cards

All Community Choice credit cards feature chip technology.

What else can I do to protect myself?

Keep an eye on your accounts from anywhere by adding the Community Choice mobile app and Community Choice Visa mobile app to your devices. You can also monitor your credit card usage by selecting Visa transaction alerts through the Visa tab within e-Banking.

What if I need help?


Community Choice team members are well informed about chip technology and are always ready to assist you. Give us a call at 877.243.2528 or stop by a member center so we can help you in person.