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Grow your money with a CD ladder

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If you are looking for an effective way to grow your money, CD laddering can provide you both short and long-term savings benefits including:


  • Higher interest rates 
  • Access to a portion of your funds every time your CDs mature 
  • Flexibility to take your money at set maturity dates or to keep your ladder and grow your savings
  • Compounded earning power as the life of your CDs increase

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How does a CD ladder work?

CD ladders combine both high rates of interest and access to your money. The example below illustrates how you can start and benefit from a CD ladder.

Step 1

Let's assume you have $30,000 and want to build a 3 year CD ladder. You choose to divide your money evenly and open 3 CDs with ascending terms 12 months apart. By doing this you'll have flexibility to access a portion of your money every 12 months when your CDs mature. Plus, your money will steadily grow as you enter the second and third year of the CDs. 

Bar graph showing CD ladder payoff over 3 years

Step 2

Throughout the first year your money will grow. At the end of 12 months you'll have the flexibility to take your money if you need it or you can keep your CD ladder active. Let's assume you decide to renew your CD ladder into a 3 year CD and you repeat this when your 2 and 3 year CDs mature. 

Bar graph showing how a matured CD rolls into a new CD with a CD ladder

Step 3

Once all of your initial CDs have been renewed, you'll continue to enjoy the benefits of your growing money. In this example we're renewing the CDs into 3 year CDs, with one CD maturing each year. With everything set up, you can let the CD ladder work for you. The ladder can go on indefinitely for as long as you want to use this savings tool. You'll receive the benefits of 3 year rates while still having the flexibility to access a portion of your money annually. 

Bar graph showing CD ladder renewal process every three years

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